Don’t Ruin Your Wedding for Everyone

Avoid the three BIGGEST MISTAKES brides make from the mouths of vendors and wedding planners around the country.

DO NOT Forget to Hire a DJ

No one wants to stand around after your best man Bluetooths his Spotify playlist to the portable speaker from his phone. If trying to dance to garage bands no one has heard of wasn’t awkward enough, his ex girlfriend (who you did NOT invite to the wedding) calling or texting every five minutes to interrupt the music will make everyone find an excuse to leave early. You know, if they haven’t left already after Uncle Eddie had to scream at everyone to “shut yer pie holes” before every toast or when Aunt Myrtle clapped her flipflops together to get everyone’s attention for the bouquet toss.

DO look for a reputable DJ with state-of-the-art sound equipment and lighting to provide organization to your event. Not only can they make announcements regarding the toasts, cake cutting, dinner line, and introductions, they just make for smooth transitions within the event. They know how to draw people to the dance floor and when to wind down the party to send people outside for the Grand Exit. An important conversation to have with your DJ is about the playlist. The expectation of the genre of music and overall feel for your event needs to be clearly communicated to ensure everyone has a memorable time.

DO NOT Cut Corners with the Caterer

Sure, you love your grandma’s meatloaf and your cousin has a reputation at the church pot lucks for having casseroles that are “to-die-for,” but the money it may save you is not worth the stress. Your guests do no want to wait in line for two hours, get hangry because the food ran out, or end up with food poisoning (all wedding planners have told us similar horror stories). Also: unless the restaurant where you had your first date is equipped to cater, you might want to skip that option too.

DO hire a professional catering service equipped to handle the amount of guests you invited. Food that takes into account your tastes and decorating themes, and that is able to be set-up and distributed in a timely fashion is crucial. Besides keeping the food warm, all of the high quality serving equipment used is designed to be hygienic as well. Be sure to discuss known allergies with your catering service or ask to have food with possible allergens clearly labeled to avoid any tragic allergic reactions.

DO NOT Skimp on the Photographer

Yes, we all have camera phones, and the latest iPhone can probably take pictures of Armstrong’s footprints on the moon, but that does not make anyone a professional photographer. For that matter, even if your best friend’s sister got a $2600 Canon EOS R6 for Christmas and has watched all the YouTubes, she’s still not a pro. Do not risk your priceless wedding day memories on a semi-pro. We’ve heard horror stories about wannabe photographers wearing flamboyant outfits blocking the “kiss your bride” and other important views for guests while trying to get a shot. Amateurs may not understanding the importance of lighting or have too much to drink while catching up with friends at the reception and create reels of blurry photos. For many pivotal wedding shots, you get one chance. It’s crushing to get your wedding album back with 546 pictures of the candle holders and three pictures of the bride.

DO research and find a professional photographer who’s style matches your vibe. Have a discussion about what your must-have images are and then relax while they guide you to get the type of photos/poses you want and what crucial moments to look for with the lighting and timing to sync. Professional vendors know that they’re not there to socialize and will make capturing your once-in-a-lifetime memories a priority. Finally, when the big day is done, professionals know how to edit and create premium print and photograph options.

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