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Baby Shower

Sweet Baby Girl

PLN Resort and Venue was honored to help Hannah and her forty guests prepare for the future arrival of her first darling daughter. Charlotte Wren’s baby shower turned out appropriately precious with a “Baby in Bloom” theme. From lavender table cloths, to mixed bouquets of fresh flowers, the pastel elegance was woven throughout the décor and even into the treat table.

No baby shower is complete without fun (and possibly embarrassing) games to play. To celebrate Charlotte, we played:

  1. “Which Baby?”  Six songs with the word “baby” in them, were played, and guests had to guess the name and artist. 
  2. “Dirty Diaper” Candy bars were melted into numbered diapers, and guests had to name the chocolate bar that constituted each diaper’s contents.
  3. “Don’t Break Your Water” Guests had to avoid losing their balloon baby while squeezing a ping pong ball between their knees in a relay race.

Vendors Included:

We especially loved the balloon arch and personalized back drop for gift opening and pictures with the mom-to-be. The welcome sign and table greeted guests upon arrival with sweet baby pictures of mom and dad and set the tone for sweet baby remembrances.

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